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High Tech Car Wash

56,445 CPD 10% Down - Financing Available

Asking $5,275,000

Viewing by Appointment Only

Premium Location in Southwest Houston

Shams Siddiqui

Shams Siddiqui, MBA Realtor®


The capacity of this car wash is 100 cars per hour with 2 tunnels.   200 per hour 

Located in the affluent community of SW Houston

The initial cost to the owner when he went to the bank with construction and land 5MM

Tax valuation shows just for the property and land 2.2MM 

Equipment, just the 2 high tech tunnels cost a total of almost 1,000,000, then we have the water recycling system, purifiers these are state of the art tunnels

Assessment/ valuation of 1200 members on repeat monthly dues 

2020 served 72,000 Cars, this business has survived COVID and is on the Uptick from the previous year

  •  Tunnels are outfitted with water reclaim systems. Water reclaim has two major benefits to the business. First, our water reclamation rate is approximately 80% which equates to savings of about 70% on both water usage and sewer charges.

  • Rainwater from the building is captured and funneled into the water reclaim system. With a normal amount of rainfall, consumption of new domestic water is reduced to only 5%-10%

  • Solar panels are installed on all sites to produce nearly 15% of the energy usage for the entire site

  • Recaptured water not used in our facility to service cars is diverted and used in our irrigation system

  • LED fixtures are used in most of the high energy-consuming areas (Lot lights, exterior lighting, signage, etc.).

  • Skylights and glass/glazing are used extensively to promote natural light usage versus solely relying on electrical

  • lighting in the tunnels. This cuts down on the electrical needs of the facility while enhancing the customer’s experience.

  • The majority of building components are made from post-consumer recycled material. All steel on-site is made from a minimum of 80% recycled material. This includes the structural steel, re-bar, studs, shade structures, and conveyor equipment within the tunnels.

  • All site vacuums are timed to ensure that they are not accidentally left running

  • All facility lot lights are required to be on timers

  • Biodegradable and Photodegradable soaps are used through-out the car wash and detailing process at all locations

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