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Shams Siddiqui, Realtor®

Shams Siddiqui, REALTOR®

I have extensive experience in commercial banking, real estate business brokerage and franchising. With my focus on the commercial real estate industry, I especially cater to the entrepreneurs and small to midsize business owners in helping them match their strengths and passion to the type of business and as well as help with any associated real estate transaction. In addition, I work with investors in locating prime investment properties and suited portfolios. With almost 20 years in the banking industry, ranging from retail banking, treasury services and retail lending, and mortgage banking, I understand the challenges faced by small business owners, everyday consumers and the transition involved in making the leap from corporate America or front-line work force to the entrepreneurial landscape and the uncharted waters that need to be tread. 

Given today's uncertain times, I especially enjoy consulting and assisting business owners evaluate and sell their business or find business to adapt to new levels of their entrepreneurial growth. My specialization includes but not limited to retail stores, franchises, convenience stores, gas stations, laundromats, large multi tunnel car washes, small automated and manual car washes, and service related businesses. 

I believe in providing my clients a full 360 approach whether they are investors, business owners looking to sell, or prospective buyers looking to take the entrepreneurial leap.

I speak Hindi and Urdu

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