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Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Hernandez, REALTOR®

Hailing from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Jennifer's journey led to a 2014 law degree from the University of Zulia. Specializing in real estate, civil, and commercial law, she began as a clerk in Venezuela's civil courts before excelling as an in-house attorney. Now in Texas, she's the Director of Public Relations at The Law Office of Kristopher Alvarez, PLLC. Jennifer's legal acumen seamlessly transitioned her into a skilled real estate agent, safeguarding clients' interests at every step.

Beyond law and property, Jennifer champions animal rights, aspiring to establish a foundation for strays. Amidst her dynamic schedule, globetrotting and cherished family time are her sanctuaries. Her two Chihuahuas, companions from Venezuela, hold a special place in her heart.

I speak Spanish

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