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Up to $5000 incentives

Plus an $800 rebate

for using us!


See the Savings

There are three parts of paying for a home; the Down Payment, the Closing Costs, and the Loan.  The Down Payment is usually anywhere from 3-5% for a minimum amount, but this can obviously be more if you want it to.  The Loan is the difference of the sales price minus the down payment.  The Closing Costs are the costs of getting the loan and vary from lender to lender.

Below is a sample of closing costs for a $300,000 purchase.  These numbers vary from purchase to purchase and the numbers illustrated below are just an example.  As you see, you can save thousands with current builder incentives along with our incentives.  Keep in mind, to receive our incentives you would need to schedule your tours to each new community you visit through us.

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