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January 27th 2022

12:00 - 1:30 pm

2807 Houston Ave.

Houston, Texas 77009

Join us for Career Day

Lunch Provided

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Career Day

Begin your new career, life and future in real estate by attending a free career event like no other.

The world of real estate is an ever-changing industry.  With a lack of proper guidance, many people miss a glowing opportunity to get started on the right track in this industry.

Career Day is a unique interactive discussion, led by top producing agents who are more than enthused to share their years of experience with like-minded entrepreneurs like you 

Get Your Questions Answered

The opportunity real estate offers is limitless.  By attending our Career Day event, you'll be able to ask an assorment of questions and get immediate, honest responses from experienced professionals.  Some of the questions we will cover are:

> How much money can I make in my first year?

> How long does it take to get my first deal?

> What are the pros and cons of being a solo agent or on a team?

> What training can I expect before and after I am licensed?

> How can I successfully transition from a full-time job?

> How do I get started?


Why Real Estate?

If your pursuing a career change or desire an extra source of income, getting into real estate could be the solution you need.  As a licensed agent, you'll be essentially working for yourself.  This requires the right direction from the get go.  Understanding your goals, managing expectations and developing a solid plan are all topics of discussion at Career Day.

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